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I said in an older post that the new Hospitals record might have a contribution from Eat Skull's drummer, and that was totally wrong. What I should've said is that the new Hospitals record features Eat Skull's Rob Enbom and Rod Meyer along with Hunches guitarist Chris Gunn. Chris moved west to San Fran after The Hunches finally called it quits, though their third and final album is due out later this year. Hospitals cofounder Adam Stonehouse was also an original member of Sic Alps, and his absence is most notable on this year's US EZ LP (still a great record though). Hairdryer Peace has been called everything from psychedelic's new "ground zero" to "the new benchmark for aural insanity", and personally I can't endorse it enough.

But this post isn't really about those guys. After losing The Hunches, Portland gained a promising new alt-pop act in The Whines. They recall the blown out punk of the best New Zealand bands with the basement recording aesthetic of early GBV material, and I have to mention that their guitarist plays through a Sovtek that sounds a lot like what you might expect when a building falls over. Their first 7'' is in the works and should be released in the not too distant future.

The Whines - Insane Ok (demo)
The Hospitals - Rock and Roll is Killing my Life (from the first album)
The Hunches - Lost Time Frequency (from an old 7'')

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