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Look at you now

Zola Jesus - The Way
Die Stasi does it again. More kitchen sink synth stuff, this time from a lovely lady out of Wisconsin. Would make a nice counterpart to that Mattress 7'' from last year, or an early Pink Reason - not 'By A Thread', the other one. Suicide comparisons are inevitable. I guess they're calling this stuff Crimson Wave, and I think it's exclusive to girls from the mid-east. Said label is compiling a bunch of it for an upcoming 12''. Zola is a little less folky than those gals, and a lot more pop oriented. Between this, Vivian Girls, and my one true love, I'll never need to hear a guy sing again. 'Poor Sons' is a top five release this year.

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  1. # Blogger mother goose

    this zola jesus song rules! Would they have any copies kicking around at Listen, or did you order yours?
    little penis.  

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