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Slow start

We've been busy with school and trips and such. Summer is here, hopefully there's gonna be more to come. Here's a preview of this past month's bigger releases.

The Hospitals - This Walls (Self-released)
Former Sic Alps member Adam Stonehouse and possibly the drummer from Eat Skull. Less DIY garage and more psych than those bands; everyone from DJ Rick to Tom Lax (I guess that isn't much of a gap) are losing their shit over this one.

Pink Reason - Borrowed Time (Fashionable Idiots)
Latest and greatest from our friend Kevin. I don't think he likes us uploading his stuff but this has been on myspace for ages and I'll gladly take it down on a request. From what I gather on youtube on message boards this is more indicative of his live set, but I have to agree with the boys over at Dusted on the notion that this only really makes sense when taken with his other releases. A definite must-have and somehow still available at bistro distro.

Eat Skull - No Intelligence (Skulltones)
B-side from the now impossible to purchase 7'' on Skulltones. As close to a sing-along as this band has come. LP out soon on Siltbreeze. If you're in Edmonton and want one I might have an extra copy.

Jay Reatard - See-Saw (Matador)
Please don't spend a lot of money on this. I'm not really sure where it started, but it was rumoured this thing was mega-limited and that certainly isn't the case. Plenty of these at local shops. Solid, but basically what you'd expect from said artist/label.

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  1. # Blogger Tolga Taluy

    Hey, if you still have a copy of Eat Skull and can send it to France, I'm pretty interested - send me a mail!


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