Sunshine and Grease

Don't Leave Me On The Speaker

One last go. This shit is either dead or capable of supporting itself.

Sorry to everyone we stole from, misrepresented, or annoyed.

Thanks to everyone who used us on their myspace page or website, who sent us free records, who bought records or went to shows because of what we wrote, who encouraged us, who read us.

Thanks to Psychedelic Horseshit, Times New Viking, Tyvek, Little Claw, Pink Reason, Adam Stonehouse, Blank Dogs, Sic Alps, DJ Rick, Tom Lax and Siltbreeze, Troy Malish, Columbus Discount, Florida's Dying, Scott Soriano and S-S, Z-Gun, Terminal Boredom, Hozac, Sweet Rot, In The Red, Goner, Doug Mosurock and Dusted, Siltblog, and all the other bands, labels, websites, blogs, zines and people who I forgot. Thanks to Eat Skull, especially Rob and Scott.

It's summer again, but this is kind of a sad one.

01. Eat Skull - Don't Leave Me On The Speaker
02. Little Claw - Race To The Bottom
03. Hole Class - Silent Mind
04. Times New Viking - A Lot Of Pai
05. Tyvek - Blessed
06. Mike Rep - Ballad Of Jim Croce
07. Intelligence - Pony People
08. Psychedelic Horseshit - Tropical Vision Edit

Pretty much everyone here has or is on a new record, go buy it.

People are insane

Clerical matters.

I said in an older post that the new Hospitals record might have a contribution from Eat Skull's drummer, and that was totally wrong. What I should've said is that the new Hospitals record features Eat Skull's Rob Enbom and Rod Meyer along with Hunches guitarist Chris Gunn. Chris moved west to San Fran after The Hunches finally called it quits, though their third and final album is due out later this year. Hospitals cofounder Adam Stonehouse was also an original member of Sic Alps, and his absence is most notable on this year's US EZ LP (still a great record though). Hairdryer Peace has been called everything from psychedelic's new "ground zero" to "the new benchmark for aural insanity", and personally I can't endorse it enough.

But this post isn't really about those guys. After losing The Hunches, Portland gained a promising new alt-pop act in The Whines. They recall the blown out punk of the best New Zealand bands with the basement recording aesthetic of early GBV material, and I have to mention that their guitarist plays through a Sovtek that sounds a lot like what you might expect when a building falls over. Their first 7'' is in the works and should be released in the not too distant future.

The Whines - Insane Ok (demo)
The Hospitals - Rock and Roll is Killing my Life (from the first album)
The Hunches - Lost Time Frequency (from an old 7'')

Bad Days

music does just that, it makes me think of the best feelings and memories my tiny brain can muster up. I am in love with this band. Indiana based three peice that has members of the Romance Novels. It's things like this that make me fall in love with America and all it has to offer.

Two song self-released cassette is already sold out, but look forward to some vinyl on Bubbledum Records shortly.

eric & THE HAPPY THOUGHTS - Bad Days

Look at you now

Zola Jesus - The Way
Die Stasi does it again. More kitchen sink synth stuff, this time from a lovely lady out of Wisconsin. Would make a nice counterpart to that Mattress 7'' from last year, or an early Pink Reason - not 'By A Thread', the other one. Suicide comparisons are inevitable. I guess they're calling this stuff Crimson Wave, and I think it's exclusive to girls from the mid-east. Said label is compiling a bunch of it for an upcoming 12''. Zola is a little less folky than those gals, and a lot more pop oriented. Between this, Vivian Girls, and my one true love, I'll never need to hear a guy sing again. 'Poor Sons' is a top five release this year.

We go out to the movies

Headache City - Hey Ugly
Hozac returned with a trio of singles recently and my personal pick is Chicago's Headachecity. There's a bit of Brit to their sound, like if Pulp were a garage band or something. That's stupid, but this record isn't.

I believe in nothing

Vivian Girls - All the Time
Female trio out of Brooklyn. Indelible pop hooks with a lighthearted late '70s post-punk sentiment. Debut 7'' available from their myspace page with a self-titled LP on the way. Recently signed to the ever expanding In The Red Records. Long live the girls of summer.

Slow start

We've been busy with school and trips and such. Summer is here, hopefully there's gonna be more to come. Here's a preview of this past month's bigger releases.

The Hospitals - This Walls (Self-released)
Former Sic Alps member Adam Stonehouse and possibly the drummer from Eat Skull. Less DIY garage and more psych than those bands; everyone from DJ Rick to Tom Lax (I guess that isn't much of a gap) are losing their shit over this one.

Pink Reason - Borrowed Time (Fashionable Idiots)
Latest and greatest from our friend Kevin. I don't think he likes us uploading his stuff but this has been on myspace for ages and I'll gladly take it down on a request. From what I gather on youtube on message boards this is more indicative of his live set, but I have to agree with the boys over at Dusted on the notion that this only really makes sense when taken with his other releases. A definite must-have and somehow still available at bistro distro.

Eat Skull - No Intelligence (Skulltones)
B-side from the now impossible to purchase 7'' on Skulltones. As close to a sing-along as this band has come. LP out soon on Siltbreeze. If you're in Edmonton and want one I might have an extra copy.

Jay Reatard - See-Saw (Matador)
Please don't spend a lot of money on this. I'm not really sure where it started, but it was rumoured this thing was mega-limited and that certainly isn't the case. Plenty of these at local shops. Solid, but basically what you'd expect from said artist/label.